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About Us

The Family Legacy:

Natalie Mavor-Miles relocated to the Newport area from Los Angeles in 2007. Natalie was a United States Latin, Ballroom and Rhythm Champion that was a highly sought-after dance instructor in Los Angeles for stage, film, television and personal instruction. After moving to the Upper Valley, Natalie was excited to find a space that not only matched her personality, but also allowed her to bring the joy of dancing to the area.

Natalie, along with her husband Braden, opened the doors to The Newport Ballroom in July of 2009. She had a Grand Opening Celebration in October of the same year. Natalie and Braden operated the ballroom until her passing in 2019.

Natalie’s rich dance history and love for the art form stemmed from her parents, Roy and June Mavor. Roy and June were Australian Champions that won several World titles during their competitive years. Additionally, Roy and June were responsible for taking the first competitive United States Ballroom Formation Dance Team ever to compete at the Blackpool Dance Festival held in Blackpool, England. In a true upset that rivaled a Hollywood movie, the team out danced and out placed dance teams from around the world, including the British home team, and placed an awe-inspiring 1st Place.

Sadly, when Natalie passed away, it left a huge void at the ballroom and in the community. Her youngest sister, Megan, made the decision to keep the ballroom open and the family legacy going.

Megan, also a competitor in multiple styles and holding several Regional, State, and United States National titles herself, has brought new life to the ballroom. She is looking forward to continuing to bring the joy of dance to Newport and the surrounding communities for years to come.

Our Facilities
Citizens Bank Building The Newport Ballroom is housed in the historic Citizens Bank Building, (owned by The Lantz Brothers). We are located on the 3rd Floor above M.J. Harrington's Jewelrey Store on Main Street in the heart of the downtown Newport.

This Victorian-era building has a rich history.  Constructed in 1912, the 3rd floor served as the meeting hall for the Masons of Newport until 2009.
Newport Ballroom The ballroom is a 1,000 square-foot historic room with 14 foot ceilings, and is richly adorned with beautiful woodwork.

Our Staff

Megan Mavor took over as Owner and Creative Director of The Newport ballroom in 2020. She was born into Ballroom Dance Royalty and is carrying on her family's legacy in the Upper Valley. She is honored to be able to bring the joy of dance into people's lives.